About Us

About Us starts from About Me and then About You

“Story” is the best teacher, story is the “bible” that teaches a life how to walk in this life. Life has its own ‘story’. It has nothing to do with “good” or “bad” stories; nor to do with “correct” and “wrong”. It has nothing to do with reasonable or unreasonable.

Story is not just a news, but it teachers us human beings many lessons, whatever it is, we learn from the story and we become as we are, based on the our own stories and the stories of others.

Before I forget, I acknowledge the mater of fact, the reality of all, the actual story, that “kisah“, or “story of events” is the essence of life and living itself, and the living itself is a “story in itself”.

Therefore, only those human beings, or any beings, who know, remember  and learn from “then make use of the stories” that have a happy living, both in this physical world and the living after this life, spiritual world.

We in melanesia believe, about the life that

  • All of us were from here,
  • All of us live here,
  • And finally, after we die, we will always be here.

In other words, the stories from yesterday, today and tomorrow, life before, life today and life tomorrow are still here, still the same, and still worth knowing and make use of them for this life..