Bali “Spirit Festival” by Westerners: What Do They Know About Spirit ?

7 years ago

And What are they Doing with it?

Salah satu pertunjukan di One World One Stage, Ubud Bali

To be honest, I was first of all, a little bit angry, but at the same time I was laughing, after knowing that “westerners” have been coming to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia to hold “festival” related to “Spirit”. Well, I have to be honest here that it was westerners who came to my own village, and ordered us at gunpoint to “get rid of things related to spirit and burn all objects related to spirits”, and then told us to “Belive in Only One Supreme God”. No more spirits, there is only One Holy Spirit, sent by One God.

My first reaction was not go come to this festival. But after some-time, my spirit told me that I must come and witness what is happening. I did not know exactly why i was told to come. But I decided to come.

On my first day, it was a bit confusing, because everything was not organised as modern people would normally organise things. It looked more like tribal festival. On one hand, my heart told me, “this is it! this is very tribal”, but on the other hand, it said, “these people are from modern countries and societies”. I was asking myself, “Am I really in real world or in other world?”

Since I became an elder early this year, I have seen “the other world” and it is a real world as well, but  a world without or outside the physical body. And I have difficulty in separating the two since then. The most useful way is to make sure I am still in my body, in this physical world is by  touching myself, to see I am in my body. The angels of breath-work facilitators did the same thing when I participated in Breath-work sessions during the festival., they touched people’s bodies, to bring them back to the body, they said to me.

I assured myself, I was indeed in my physical body.

I started to get interested, because a little bit enthusiastic that it is worth coming to the festival.

It was by accident, I would say, but my fellow elders will say, not it was not by accident, but it was under the guidance of our past elders and ancestors. I ended up in a workshop called, “Breath-work”, and as soon as I was entering the area, I was told to stick on the workshop until it ends. And I was right.

I got clearer messages from my messenger-spirit and other spirits around, that “breath-work” was the main reason I came to the festival.

As a result, I spent the whole week coming to “breath-work sessions”. Bali “Spirit Festival” by westerners is the place I was planned to understand one thing that I did not know before, i.e., that the two worlds: modern and tribal have a meeting point. That meeting point is called: Yoga in general, but in particular “breath-work”.

I do not want to misinterpret what I have experienced, therefore, I want to leave a room, a door, a gate wide open to anybody to give me some ideas on what is actually happening here, when modern people revitalise and practice ancient wisdom, knowledge and rituals.

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