4 weeks ago
  1. Named after baby sleeps, this plant does many wonders.
  2. Take a few leaves of this plant and put a few tastes in your husband’s food, whatever you want he will do it. your word will be yes in his mouth. that he eats alone.
  3. Take some leaves with the roots, boil them or leave them in water overnight, and rinse with this water every morning for 3 days without speaking. men will be at your feet, you will be very attractive.
  4. the bath’ is also effective for broken promises.
  5. To have charm and always attract your husband to you, burn baby sleeping leaves as incense in the bedroom. your man will no longer be able to do without you. your feet his feet.
  6. To make a charming, attractive perfume or body cream, you want it to be you who is admired everywhere, crush a few leaves and put that in your perfume. preferably cologne

Pay Attention:

  • You want to take back your ex,
  • You want bring back your lost glory,
  • You want to make that your man to love you only,
  • Send me a message I’ll prepare it for you…

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